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Please provide as much information (in the box below) as possible so we may efficiently verify and implement the requested change. You can specify one or more change-requests in a single submission.

For each change-request, if an airport frequency needs to be corrected, provide the 4-letter ICAO identifier (e.g., "EGNS") for the airport (if it exists), otherwise, for small and/or unlicensed airfields, provide as much relevant information as you can (airport name, country, general location/region within country, etc). For a NAVAID change-request, provide the name code (2- or-3 letters, typically e.g., "IOM"), the common name (e.g., "Isle of Man"), the country, and the type of navaid (e.g. "VOR"). If an airport has permanently closed and is now disused, or a NAVAID has been removed from service permanently, please make a note to that effect.

In all submissions, for each change-request, if available please provide a URL to any relevant reference authority (e.g., AIS, AIP website), airport website, etc., where we may quickly verify the submission.

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